Cumbuco is a little fisher village 30 minutes by car from Fortaleza. It is a village where people are busy being happy and taking life the way it comes. You will see lots of kids playing around, moms washing clothes, elderly having a beer, or maybe a buggy passing by with tourists inside screaming of the fun they had riding through the dunes. Everywhere you ll see  surf shops, repair shops and off course surfers and kitesurfers that come from all over the world to enjoy the unique weather conditions.  The last decade Cumbuco has become the mecca of kitesurf. Many foreigners opened up small businesses like restaurants, shops are bars.  When the sun sets in the dunes it leaves the village behind in a yellow astonishing glow. More and more upper class brazilians are coming down to cumbuco to have a taste of the beach life, dunes, surf vibe, international cuisine etc. The village has everything what you might desire or need. There are supermarkets, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, Atm machines, …  Whether you are looking for action or wanting to chill, you will love Cumbuco!

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