Cumbuco is geographically situated just 3.5 degrees beneath the Equator ensuring it is always warm (25-30 C). The sun is strong but it’s never too hot thanks to the refreshing winds that made this place a paradise for kitesurfing and windsurfing. From June until December, Cumbuco has the ideal weather conditions for kite surfing - all day, every day. The wind in Cumbuco is 5Bft on average. The southeast, side-on-shore steady winds make it the perfect spot to play with your 9, or sometimes 12 m2, kite. August and September are the windiest months. From December onwards the wind is less strong but still blows everyday. The most used kite sizes are between 10 and 14m2). In the months from January to May you might experience some rain showers, but you can still kite during most days.

Travelling north of Cumbuco the winds gets stronger, travelling south they get less strong.