Travel Tips & FAQ

Practical Info


Forget jackets or warm jumpers, the temperature is always around 25-30 C. Long trousers and proper shoes are required in certain discos in Fortaleza! Leave your wetsuit at home. The water temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. If you spend a long time on the water kite surfing it is easy to get sunburned, so wear a Lycra and use sunscreen. Also, on the beach use a sun cream with a factor of 20-30. The sun is often underestimated due to the refreshing breeze. Don’t burn all your energy kiting 8 hours on the first day because the next day will be windy as well, and the next, and the next...


The official language is Portuguese, although in Cumbuco many languages are spoken by the tourists, kiters and emigrated foreigners.

VISA and travel documents

Citizens of most countries have 90 days of stay upon entering Brazil, which can be renewed by a further 90 days at the Federal police station in the state where you are staying. Make sure you travel with a passport that is valid for a minimum of a further 6 months. Brazilian law requires you to carry your passport on you at all times. We recommend that you take a photocopy of all pages of your passport and get it registered and certified in your local embassy so you can carry this with you instead of your original passport. Contact your local Brazilian embassy for further information and advice.


You do not need any vaccinations to travel to Cumbuco. There is no malaria or yellow fever in this area of Brazil.

When is good to travel to Cumbuco

The weather in Cumbuco is warm throughout the year. The windy season lasts from July until December and every day is perfect for kiting. The wet season is February to June, during these months there are less windy days, and it can rain, but most off the time it is sunny and warm.


  • Fortaleza - Cumbuco: 30 km, 30-35 minutes
  • Cumbuco-Lagoon of Cauipe: 6 km, 15-20minutes

Banks, Money

All major credit cards are accepted. For the latest exchange rates click here.
There are cash machines for several banks located at the airport in Fortaleza. There is also a cash machine located in the petrol station just outside Cumbuco. Banco do Brasil will give you the best rate. The maximum amount you can withdraw at one time is 1000 reals. Depending on the limit of your card it may be possible to withdraw more money by visiting a different bank. In Banco do Brasil you can withdraw up to 5000 real with your credit card and showing your passport (saque de emergencia). After 10pm the maximum amount you can withdraw is 100 real, so it is recommended that you take some Euros and have them changed in the airport in case of a late arrival. The exchange office in the airport is open until late.

Renting a Car

If you want to explore the local area it is possible to rent a car. Most kite spots are easily accessible by car. Rental prices range from 25-30 Euros/day, including insurance for 150/200 km per day. Airport prices are a little bit more expensive than in Fortaleza. We are happy to book your car for you and have it delivered to the hotel. Please note that if it is your intention is to stay in Cumbuco you will not need a car.

Public Transport

Buses are cheap. You will find time schedules at the bus stop in the market square.

Renting a Buggy

A buggy is ideal to ride in the dunes or over the beach but not very practical to go to Fortaleza. Buggies are a little more expensive than a car to hire, around 90- 100 real/day. Buggies are fun but make sure to rent one in good condition to avoid it breaking down! You can rent a buggy via Durobeach Hotel. Alternatively we can do it for you so that it is available for you to use as soon as you arrive.

Driving License

An international permit is required for driving in Brazil.



For international calls the best option is to buy phone cards (telemar) that can also be used for local calls. You can also put a rechargeable Brazilian SIM card in your mobile phone.

Internet access

There are several cyber cafes in Cumbuco. Also some pousadas and Hotels offer an internet service. Durobeach is a wifi hotspot so bring your laptop when you stay with us.


  • Central Market (Mercado central): Good place to buy souvenirs and local handicraft
  • Avenida Monsenor Tabosa: Shopping street in Iracema area
  • Shopping malls: Shopping Iguatemi, Shopping Aldeota, North Shopping
  • Cumbuco has a selection of boutiques and small shops


The tap water is good but we would recommend that you to buy bottled drinking water.

Kite Sizes

In Cumbuco, 10-12 sq-metre kites are perfect. Bring a 7-8 metres for the hard-core days or for when you want to make a trip up north, and a 14 or even 16 if you come at the end of the season (December-January). August to October are the months with the strongest wind.

Kite Rental

Durobeach Kite Centre offers a selection of kite surfing courses and equipment to rent. There are various other places where you can rent kite equipment in Cumbuco. Please note that beginners should not just rent equipment and try kite surfing unsupervised, this would put themselves and others in danger. Instead, sign up in our school for a course where the proper equipment is included or can be rented.

Kite Spare Parts

Durobeach kiteshop has a big range of spare parts for your kitegear, such as depower straps, lines, chicken loops, as well as kites and boards, harnesses etc. Had a bad crash? Don t worry: Durobeach kiteshop has a kite-repair service.

Kite Course 

We offer courses under the standards of the International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO).